The Rules

We want the Valley Skating Center to be a fun and safe place for you and your family to skate. We have a strict set of rules and a ZERO TOLERANCE policy. Anyone asked to leave will NOT have their admission refunded. We reserve the right to refuse admission to anyone who has caused problems in the past.

The following rules are for your safety and the safety of other skaters and will be enforced!


EVERYONE MUST SKATE except Parents who bring their children to skate
NO gum chewing in the building, Parents this means you too.
NO vulgar language
Disrespect to Valley Skating Center staff, other skaters, or anyone will not be tolerated
NO racing, tag playing or other rough behavior
NO freestyle skating (jumps, spins, etc.)
The use of cell phones and iPods are prohibited on the skating surfaces.
Toe stops must be worn at all times
Always be courteous to all of the other skaters
Do not carry anything in your hand that can be dropped.
NO sitting or climbing on walls
NO standing on, skating on, or jumping of benches.
PLEASE keep all food and beverages in the snack area only!!
Do not bring food and beverages in from outside.                                                    THIS IS A DRUG & ALCOHOL FREE ZONE. We reserve to refuse service if we feel you are under the influence of any substance. You will be asked to leave the facility immediately. Failure to comply will result in notifying the local police department.
NO skating in parking lot. Please put your skates on in the skating center only. No skates may be worn out of the building, even if they are your own.
NO bandanas, pocket chains, spiked jewelry, or baggy pants over skates.
NO hats, scarves, or bandanas are to be worn in the building.

PARENTS: Please DO NOT carry your child while you have skates on your feet. This is for your child’s safety.  We also ask that you keep shoes on your small ones while they are walking around, it is possible they could get their feet run over by someone who is skating.


MUST be clean and free of mud, stones, etc.
NO bolts protruding from skate axels.
Toe stops and heal stops must be in good repair.

DRESS RULES:               

NO belly shirts, tube tops, low cut jeans, daisy dukes, backless or see through shirts.
You must wear shirt at all times. 
No visible undergarments.                                                             

EVERYONE:                                                                                         Skaters using rental skates must wear socks, bring your own or you may purchase from us.